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FREE SHIPPING: This “Wax Kit” will make your shuffleboard court very slick allowing the shuffler to push the discs easily down the court for a more competitive play. The kit is for 1 shuffleboard court and includes 1 gallon each of Stripper (for cleaning the court or stripping off the old sealer and wax), Sealer (which prepares the concrete for the wax application), No Buff Wax with Application instructions, Lamb’s wool applicator (use broom or paint pole and attach to the applicator head) for applying Sealer and Wax, Disc Wax Spray, and Disc Wax Silicone Bar. All Made in the USA NOTE: When applying either Sealer or Wax, it is extremely important that there is no rain forecast for at least 3-4 days after application! If it does rain, please be sure to wipe off all the rainwater from the court immediately. Do not let the water just lay there on top of your new sealer and wax, it may well discolor with white spotting and even peel up. SPECIAL NOTE: Store Stripper, Sealer and Wax at room temperature only. SPECIAL NOTE: These products are extremely slippery and should not be used on walkways or dance floors.

All orders will take about 7-12 days to process, pack and ship out.

-The 5lb of dura glide and dura glide shakers that used to come in the wax kit, as of 10/26/22 will no longer be sold in the kit-

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in


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