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5lb. Dura-Glide Bead Court Dressing, PLUS SHIPPING


5lb. Dura-Glide Bead Court Dressing, PLUS SHIPPING


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This is a 5lb bag of Dura-Glide is for Outdoor & Indoor Shuffleboard Courts on concrete, linoleum, and some wood floors, too. It is a dry bead wax made of a mixture of styrene beads, cornmeal and silicone. Dura-Glide is spread onto the top of a shuffleboard court to help the discs glide faster for a more competitive game. This is the refill bag for the 11oz shaker with Dura-Glide, or you can use your own shaker. Made in the USA SPECIAL NOTE: This product is extremely slippery and should not be used on walkways or dance floors. All orders take 7-12 business days to process, pack and ship out.

If you are buying more than 10lb please call us at 480-969-2209 for the bulk pricing. 

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 5 in


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