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E. Easy To Use Court Stencil Template - FREE SHIPPING
E. Easy to Use Court Stencil Template - FREE SHIPPING FREE SHIPPING: This easy to use stencil, Made in the USA, comes with complete and easy instructions. It is made of a strong light duty clear plastic so it is completely re-usable. It is made to National Shuffleboard Association Standards. It comes in 3 sections, each of the sections are used separately. For best results, we recommend using Sherwin Williams H & C Concrete Water based Stain for traditional base coat color "Patio Green" and then White H&C Stain for the lines & numbers. The H & C concrete water based stain can be purchased at your nearby Sherwin Williams store or at some Home Depot. Please be sure to read and follow the H&C label instructions for applying the H&C stain. Note: Please follow the simple and easy instructions included with your stencil. Should you still have any questions, please call us toll free at 1-888-969-2209, we can help. The stencil cannot be returned once it has been used. STENCIL INSTRUCTIONS: Allow Stencil to flatten before use. Just a few minutes in the sun will allow it to flatten. Each section should be laid down and stained one section at a time. Use a quality 1 inch nylon brush with H&C Water based Acrylic stain and brush very lightly in the cut out lines and numbers. (We do not recommend using a roller or spray paint for these lines and numbers) Once each section is layed down, place your index finger and thumb on either side of the cut out area and using a lightly dipped brush, carefully brush the stain as not to allow the stain to go under the stencil. If you do get too much stain on the brush and the stain does go under the stencil, immediately wipe away any excess stain with a moist towel and redo. Immediately remove each section once each section is completed then go on to the next. Touch up where needed. SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the production process, Stencils may have some slightly jagged edges at some of the cutout areas. You can easily correct this by trimming any slightly jagged edges carefully with a razor blade and a straight edge, like a ruler. During shipping, some bends and/or creases can occur. If this has happened, lay out the stencil in the sun for 10-15 minutes. Once warmed up, with your fingers, gently bend those creased areas back into shape. This is a very simple process. These creases will not affect the quality of the stenciling in any way.
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