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A. Outdoor 16ga.Steel Chalk Shuffleboard Scoreboard
A. Outdoor 16ga.Steel Chalk Shuffleboard Scoreboard This Outdoor Shufflboard Chalk Scoreboard is Made in the USA and is made of 16 gauge steel and measures 2 ft. x 4 ft. It is recommended that you use the Railroad Chalk - White - This is soft chalk that is specifically designed to be used for the Outdoor Chalk Steel Scoreboards. See Letter B to the right of the scoreboard picture for the Rail Road chalk that is recommended to be used. For scoring plus + or minus - scores you will see that in each frame, there is a circle, inside that circle there is a minus sign (-) and to the left of that circle you will see a plus sign (+) and in each frame, using the Rail Road Chalk, you would put any minus scores in the minus area, and any plus scores in the plus area and in the large area you will then add and/or subtract and you mark the final score of that particular frame. Cleaning: Please use a only a clean cotton cloth and ONLY WATER to clean these scoreboards. NEVER use any detergents or chemicals for cleaning. USE WATER ONLY for cleaning! Quantity Discounts: if you wish to order 8 scoreboards or more, please call us toll free at 1-888-969-2209 for a quote *Oversize shipping charges apply, Box is 28" x 58" and thickness depends on quantity ordered.
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